Responsibilities of Precinct Committee Persons

"The Precinct Committee person is elected by the Democrats at this precinct to represent them on the County Democratic Central Committee and must accept the following responsibilities:

  • Represent the Democrats of this precinct on the county central committee
  • Attend all meetings of the county central committe
  • Never support a candidate who is running against a Democratic nominee while holding this office
  • Attend all other functions, events and meetings of the Democratic county party
  • Maintain regular contact with Democrats in this precinct
  • Help the county party conduct precinct caucuses and county conventions
  • Assist the county party with fundraising efforts
  • Register new Democratic voters
  • Assist the county party in recruiting volunteers and new county party activists
  • Participate in the Iowa Democratic Party's Voter Identification Program
  • Participate in the Iowa Democratic Party's Get-Out-The-Vote Program and other election year activities
  • Know the geography and demographics of this precinct
  • Share information in your possession because you are a precinct committee person and/or a county central committee member with all Democratic primary candidates equally (Please note: this does not mean that you as a precinct committee person/county central committee member cannot support and work for your favorite Democratic primary candidate)
  • Represent this precinct at special nominating conventions for ballot vacancies or special election ballots
  • Elect county central committee officers and fill county central committee vacancies
  • Perform other tasks that will assist in the election of all Democratic candidates.